Protect your brand while delivering a consistent guest experience.

New technologies such as mobile devices and WiFi bring convenience, but they also bring unprecedented security risks.

Providing customers with the connectivity that they demand while protecting important data from cyber thieves is a challenge.

For franchisors, that challenge is multiplied repeatedly, by every store in your franchisee community.

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EarthLink Franchise Program

EarthLink's NEW Franchise Program helps franchisors validate PCI compliance, protect against security breaches, and drive a consistent guest experience throughout franchise locations.

Protect your brand with:

  • PCI assessment tools and assistance
  • PCI financial protection - up to $100K per location*
  • Managed Firewall — Stateful inspection firewall configured, managed and monitored 24 x 7
  • Secure WiFi with rogue device detection and quarantine

Deliver a consistent guest experience with:

  • Social media platform for connecting guests to loyalty program
  • Optional offer engine with proven success in increasing guest returns
  • Secure WiFi – PCI compliance PLUS guest analytics

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* Up to $500K total coverage

Happy Customers

"The EarthLink Franchise Solution is the most efficient way for our franchisees to achieve compliance and to protect their businesses, their customers, and our brand."

David Snyder Del Taco's VP of IT

"EarthLink took a much more thorough, consultative approach in the sales process, first asking questions about our needs, our requirements, and our business objectives...and then coming back with a suite of solutions that I didn't even expect."

Bill Floyd CIO, Gold's Gym

View the video to the left to see Gold's Gym CIO talk about how by partnering with EarthLink, they were able to get better security – at a lower cost – and leverage the savings for innovation.

PCI 3.0 – Franchise Owners - Are you compliant? Take the assessment.

Are you ready for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) 3.0? Take the EarthLink PCI 3.0 Readiness Assessment to help you answer that question by providing you with a better understanding of your compliance readiness. It will identify any deficiencies as well as areas of compliance and will provide useful information to prepare you for your next annual PCI audit.

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