What if you could leverage WiFi to drive loyalty in your restaurants?

Your customers are already using guest WiFi in your restaurants.

Frankly, they expect mobile applications, new payment options, ubiquitous WiFi and other services that enhance their experience.

The question is, are you doing everything you can to leverage your WiFi investment to drive customer loyalty and profit?

According to a recent IHL Group survey:

  • 93% of hospitality respondents offer guest WiFi access
  • Only 15% are doing promotions to customers over WiFi

If you're not using WiFi to push out special promotions to customers once they've entered your restaurant, you could be leaving money on the table...and missing the chance to drive loyalty amongst your most valuable asset - an existing customer.

At EarthLink, we are constantly delivering new ways for you to connect with your customers.

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The average increase in sales is 5.2% after customer WiFi is implemented.

EarthLink Secure Storefront - helping you connect with your customers.

EarthLink Secure Storefront helps you differentiate your restaurants, improve the customer experience and increase your sales with:

  • Secure WiFi with social media integration and data/analytics
  • Managed networks to ensure sufficient bandwidth and performance to support new customer applications
  • PCI and security solutions to protect customers and credit card data

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EarthLink Franchise Program

Protect your brand and assets
Franchisee networks often consist of business owners with varying levels of financial resources and technical savvy; and data security problems in a single location can introduce a ripple effect that creates severe reputational damage, legal cost and in some cases, more extensive data security issues to the entire franchise system.

Deliver a consistent experience
Consistent store execution and experience leads to high customer loyalty, and more repeat business, in fact variation in the customer experience can drive 25% to 35% of sales and profit performance difference.

PCI 3.0 - Are you ready? Take the assessment.

Are you ready for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) 3.0? Take the EarthLink PCI 3.0 Readiness Assessment to help you answer that question by providing you with a better understanding of your compliance readiness. It will identify any deficiencies as well as areas of compliance and will provide useful information to prepare you for your next annual PCI audit.

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IHL Group Store Infrastructure Survey 2015, conducted in Feb 2015