Customer Loyalty Bonus: Terms and Conditions

Receive 1, 2 or 3 months free service credits for a 1, 2, or 3 year contract term renewal, respectively.

  • 1 Year Term Renewal: 1 Free Month* of service access monthly recurring charges
    • Payout credit on month 13 from contract renewal date
  • 2 Year Term Renewal: 2 Free Months* of service access monthly recurring charges
    • Payout credit on month 13 and 25 from contract renewal date
  • 3 Year Term Renewal: 3 Free Months* of service access monthly recurring charges
    • Payout month 13, 25, and 37 from contract renewal date

The "free month" service credit is based on the following product qualification rules:

  • For local telephone service with calling plans that are measured or metered (charged per call or per minute): 100% of the associated line/circuit MRC.
  • For "flat-rate/unlimited" calling plan (either local or local and long distance), customer receives 50% of the service MRC. (The rational for this is we are not crediting for the "usage" component of the service MRC.)

More Specifically

"Voice Services" - Basic Business Line Service or T1 Service

  • Measured or Metered Local Telephone Service: 100% of service access charge
  • Unlimited/flat-rate Local Telephone Service or Unlimited/flat-rate Local and LD Telephone Service: 50% of service access charge
  • Stand-alone Data\Internet Access Services (DSL or T1): 100% of service access charge.
  • Integrated Services: Voice and Internet Access
    • For services with Local Measured/Metered: 100% of service access charge
    • Unlimited/flat-rate local or Unlimited/flat-rate Local and LD: 50% of service access charge

Additional Promotional Terms and Conditions

  • Credit based on billing services at time of each respective payout.
  • This offer may only apply for a contract renewal "as is" with all existing rates being maintained for the renewal period.
  • Upon customer acceptance and signature, all associated services at a unique physical service location will be renewed that are either out-of-agreement or have less than 6 months remaining on their current term.
  • Exclusions and ineligible services for promotional credits:
    • Excludes renewals for OneSolutions Hosted IP PBX and OneSolutions Managed Services
    • Excludes "resale" lines - access lines not directly connected to the One Communications network
    • If an account has a mix of on-net and off-net services, both service location contracts may be renewed, but the credits will only be based on the on-net services.
    • Excludes Call Pack monthly recurring charges
    • Excludes toll free monthly recurring charges
    • Excludes all local, long distance, toll free and other usage or per call charges
    • Excludes DID numbers
    • "Fast Forward #s" are excluded (considered a feature; no physical line)
    • Excludes voice or data feature monthly recurring charges (voice mail, caller ID, DNS, etc)
    • The "D-channel" signally charge of a PRI is considered a "voice feature" and is not eligible for this promotional credit.
    • Excludes taxes, surcharges and associated fees (i.e., EUCL, PILD, USF, RCRF, etc)

For additional information, please contact your EarthLink Business Account Manager or our Customer Care Department at 1-800-962-2488.