Serving Over 65,000 Small Businesses Has Taught Us a Thing or Two

We understand you have similar security, reliability and productivity needs as larger companies, but not necessarily the same access to resources or expertise. That's where we can help.

At EarthLink Business, we specialize in delivering reliable, scalable IT and communications services that help businesses grow and thrive. With a fully-managed, end-to-end communications and IT services portfolio, EarthLink Business will help you architect and manage any change to your company's infrastructure, so that you can leverage the right technology to successfully build your business.

Whether it's data security, network connectivity or managing your IT infrastructure on premises or in the cloud, EarthLink will provide a solution to support your unique business objectives, improve your competitive position, and increase your operational efficiency with services and solutions that require minimal capital investment.

How might we help you?

  • Exchange 2003 EOL doesn't have to mean SOS

    Hosted Exchange offers fully managed enterprise-grade business email with antivirus/antispam email filtering to protect you 24x7 from inbound threats. No hardware or software installation required, saving you money and hassle.

    Contact us today, and learn more about our mailbox migration services.

  • No XP Support... Don't put your business at risk.

    Upgrade to Cloud Workspace, a cost effective solution to bring you to a current operating system (OS). Or our Professional Services team can recommend a migration path to a new OS.

    Contact us today for a personal Business Impact Analysis and learn what the options are for your business.

  • Small businesses need big security

    Endpoint Security Plus protects devices that power your business. Secure your devices, back up information and encrypt data so your information is truly for your eyes only.

    Mitigate your risk. Call us today!

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IT Services Simplified

  • Hosted Solutions and Support

    Why build IT when you can consume it?

    Leverage technology with integrated, reliable and cost-effective hosted solutions that are simple to adopt and scale. When compared to the traditional "build and provision it yourself" model, hosted solutions give you flexibility and accelerated time to market. You are able to add features and services as they become available versus investing in hardware and software that may quickly become outdated.

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  • Data Protection

    Fully automated backup. Reliable recovery.

    It's simple: backing up your data reduces your business risk. But if you're not sure where and how to protect your data from a man-made or natural disaster, EarthLink can help.

    In the event of a disaster, our Cloud Server Backup service automatically protects your business's critical information assets offsite. Your data remains intact and easily recoverable in our secure data centers.

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  • Do More with Less

    Get new technology without capital expenditure.

    Get new capabilities NOW while avoiding the time and up-front investment in hardware, software, maintenance and support.

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  • Empower and Support a Mobile Workforce

    Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

    EarthLink helps you keep employees connected and productive, whether on the go or in the office with a portfolio of voice, data and IT services that support the unique requirements of a mobile workforce.

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  • Reduce Business Risk

    Because your business can't afford to be unprepared.

    According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, the average cost of downtime for a small business is $6,900 an hour. **How much will your business lose if it isn't prepared for artificial or natural disasters with a robust disaster recovery solution? Now is always the best time to seek a solution that secures your business data, applications and operating systems by continuously replicating your primary servers to a secondary data center.

    Don't have a secondary data center? EarthLink does. And with our state-of-the art Cloud Disaster Recovery solution, you do, too.

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    ** Datacenter Downtime: How Much Does It Really Cost? – Aberdeen Group

  • On-demand Resources

    Eliminate capital expenditures.

    No capital investment needed, no staff required, and no training necessary. Scale easily as your needs change. Our on-demand resources are fully outsourced and managed, so that you can focus on growing your business.

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  • Empower Your People

    The tools they need for the results you want.

    Competitive pressures and customer demands drive the need for effective communication on a timely basis. Our voice, data and IT services help keep your business — and your employees — connected, current and secure.

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Small Business Services

Keep your business connected. Whether you need Internet access or a fully-meshed, secure IP network to support your critical business applications, EarthLink has a solution that fits your needs and your budget.

Technology That Works for You

We understand that simplicity, security and flexibility must be part of any solution you deploy. We've architected a hosted platform to help small- to mid-size businesses leverage technology solutions that are simple to adopt and scale. We also understand the importance of economics, and have made it a priority to offer solutions that help your business put its most competitive foot forward.

Ranked #1 MSP Two Years in a Row

Leverage our experience and investment. Choose from a broad portfolio of services and gain access to a rich feature set and economies typically associated with enterprise-class services.

Serving Over 60,000 Small Businesses Nation-wide

Business trust EarthLink's managed IT, network and communication services to deliver the superior and secure experience they need.

Get IT Here, Get IT All

Gain access to the most comprehensive portfolio of IT and network services available, tailored to small business budget and needs. Consolidating IT services with a single vendor gives you one point of contact and accountability, freeing you to focus on growing your company.

Big Business IT on a Small Business Budget

Providing the foundation you need to support, manage and grow your business.

Dedicated to Small Business

Delivering the services you need to support, manage and grow your business

Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan commends EarthLink's focus on bringing to the SMB market a network-enabled cloud offering backed by managed security and IT support services. The company's initiatives are beginning to bear fruit ... thus establishing EarthLink as a formidable competitor in the enterprise communications and IT services market.

Roopashree (Roopa) Honnachari Program Manager, Business Communication Services Stratecast | Frost & Sullivan

Ideal Software Systems

Eliminated the expense of maintaining a legacy phone system while providing the features and benefits that enable the company to support their global customer base around the clock.

Mississippi Sports Medicine

Reduced costs for their services, while keeping up with their explosive growth with an integrated voice, data and Internet solution with channelized PRI for their main location and largest remote sites

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