Let the Cloud Power Your Business Growth

Does your IT organization spend most of their time maintaining IT infrastructure instead of focusing on your business' next application needs? Is your IT organization able to meet your changing needs for capacity and performance? Virtualizing your computing environment will simplify your IT infrastructure, free your IT staff from spending their time on infrastructure maintenance and allows you to focus IT on initiatives to support your strategic businesses goals.

Cloud & Infrastructure services — such as cloud hosting - improves the efficiency, availability and performance of IT resources and applications. Cloud services reduce capital expenses for computing and storage and scales operating costs with expected and unexpected computing demands. Whether you utilize cloud services for disaster recovery or host server environments, you can mitigate your risks from hardware failure, avoid on site power loss and increase mobility by relying on EarthLink to virtualize your computing and storage systems.

Our IT solutions consultants are your extended staff to help you design and implement the hosted solutions that best fits your business.

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Maintain Control

You maintain control of your virtual environment. You can create and delete virtual machines, change configurations and modify vShield settings to meet your changing IT needs.

Geographically Diverse

Geographically diverse data centers built on a nationwide private MPLS network for guaranteed availability and performance.

Minimal Expense

Specify full configuration of virtual resources that will be spun-up in event of a failover—only pay for full configuration for period activated.

Managed Solution

Fully Managed Disaster Recovery Service with customized email event notification.

Cloud & Infrastructure Products

Cloud Services

Cloud, Cloud Platform, Cloud Computing, Private Cloud, Virtualization...simply put, the "Cloud" is just another tool for your business toolbox. EarthLink Business can help demystify the Cloud and we'll partner with you to determine if the Cloud is the right tool for your business today, with your tomorrow in mind.

  • Cloud Hosting services can help you simplify IT complexity, enable more flexible and agile service delivery, and reduce your IT operating costs.

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  • Take advantage of the Cloud to build your customized IT environment to integrate your on-premises virtual and physical servers with private, dedicated resources in the Cloud.

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  • Leverage the Cloud to increase IT agility, accelerate time to implementation, eliminate CAPEX and reduce operating expenses, while also significantly improving their security and disaster recovery capabilities.

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  • Managed Cloud Hosting

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

In times of crisis, a company's data is the asset most at risk and hardest to replace. That's why a sound disaster recovery and data backup plan is crucial to your business continuity.

  • Protect your business's mission-critical information assets. Cloud Server Backup ensures that regardless of what Mother Nature throws at your data center facility, your data remains intact and recoverable.

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  • An affordable cloud based server that replicates your primary server environment and can be quickly scaled to fully replace your primary servers to get your business back up and running.

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Infrastructure Management

Keep your Network, Servers and Endpoints secure from beginning to end. EarthLink's infrastructure Management services combine robust, reliable IT infrastructure, proactive management capabilities and automated processes, all working seamlessly in the background to protect all endpoints that access your network.

  • EarthLink manages and monitors your on-premises network devices to provide routine maintenance, security patches and resolve network issues, so your IT team stays focused on business building IT projects.

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  • EarthLink manages and monitors your on-premises servers to provide routine maintenance and resolve associated server issues, so your IT team stays focused on business building IT projects.

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  • By leveraging a single Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform, your IT team gains the ability to support a diverse fleet of devices—and easily and securely implement a flexible BYOD strategy.

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  • EarthLink simplifies management of all endpoints on your network in order to minimize disruptions in your day-to-day business operations. Our investment in industry-certified professionals, best-in-class tools, and the latest technology enables us to deliver a service with security features woven throughout every aspect of our offering.

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Desktop as a Service

Your virtual office wherever you are. EarthLink delivers a customized cloud environment for you to control your business applications and data.

  • Customized world class IT care experience for your end-users that maximizes their productivity from the office, at home or on the road. This service is fully integrated into your unique IT environment.

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