At EarthLink, we appreciate your continued trust in us to provide the network solutions you need to run your business. To thank you for your business, we're offering a credit worth up to 2 Free Months when you renew your services. Take advantage of this exclusive offer by selecting one of the following options:

  • Renew your contract for 3 years and get a credit equal to 200% of your average monthly billing (2 Free Months).
  • Renew your contract for 2 years and get a credit equal to 100% of your average monthly billing.
  • Renew your contract for 1 year and get a credit equal to 50% of your average monthly billing.

(This one-time credit is based on the average of your previous 3 months total billing charges considered your "average monthly billing," in accordance with the contract renewal of your network services. Average monthly billing calculation includes recurring charges for network services, taxes and surcharges. The one-time credit will be applied to your next bill following the contract renewal order completion date.)

The credit is based on the following terms and conditions:

  • Customer must be reterm eligible to receive this offer; reterm eligibility is defined as having an expired contract, having 6 months or less remaining on a current 2 or 3 year contract, or having 3 months or less remaining on a current 1 year contract
  • Credit will be applied to the EarthLink Business Network Services bill associated with the renewed services
  • This offer may only apply for a contract renewal with existing rates being maintained for the renewal period
  • Upon Customer acceptance and signature, all reterm eligible associated Services at a unique physical service location will be renewed
  • Exclusions and ineligible Services for promotional credits:

    • Excludes "resale" lines - access lines not directly connected to the EarthLink Business Network
    • If an account contains both "resale lines" and qualifying promotional Services, all Network Services may be renewed, but the credits will only be based on the qualifying promotional Services.
    • Excludes all local, long distance, toll free and other usage or per call charges
    • Excludes all EarthLink Business IT Services; Cloud Server Backup, Cloud Hosted, Cloud Workspace, Cloud Tech Care, etc.

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