Smart business leaders, more and more, are opting to host their email services in the cloud, saving valuable time, money and hassle.

EarthLink Hosted Exchange is a secure, enterprise-grade business email hosting service designed to keep your company and users connected, productive and secure — with no capital expenditures for hardware and reduced email management costs. Hosted Exchange offers your users on-the-go email access and syncing from tablets, iPhones and other smartphone devices and includes Antivirus/Antispam Filtering that protects your email and your business systems from inbound threats.

  • Access email, contacts, calendars and files from anywhere, anytime
  • Increase productivity by collaborating securely with coworkers, customers and suppliers
  • Save money by not having to purchase licenses, backup software, antivirus software and an expert to maintain and manage your email platform
  • Maintain data security with a hosted email platform in a highly secure data center that is equipped with continuous data backup, premier disaster recovery capabilities, and a team of security experts monitoring the service around the clock
  • A fully-managed service that controls all of your anti-virus/anti- spam filters, whitelists and configurations to ensure that all inbound emails plus their attachments are automatically inspected

Introducing EarthLink Hosted Exchange Plus

EarthLink Hosted Exchange Plus combines the simplicity, security and value of Hosted Exchange with a suite of archiving capabilities to deliver a comprehensive storage, search and retrieval system that makes it easy to search and access information for electronic discovery and maintain compliance with stringent government and industry regulations.

Hosted Exchange Plus Offers 2 Levels of Email Archiving
EarthLink understands the requirements for government and industry regulations for archiving and will assist with defining configurations to ensure compliance as well as defining rules of engagement for employees, partners, clients, investors and the general public. EarthLink’s archiving solutions securely capture, index, archive and back up all of your emails and attachments in a central online repository. Approved personnel can quickly and easily monitor, search and retrieve messages anytime. Choose from:

Personal Archive Individual users access personal archives with Quick Search and Advanced Search filters. Restore lost or deleted emails. Improve productivity with a cleaner, smaller inbox and no worries about quotas; delete email with confidence, and stop wasting time managing your inbox.

Discovery Archive Authorized personnel can quickly and easily monitor, search and retrieve messages for all users at any time. Be prepared to complete any eDiscovery request quickly and affordably.


  • Easy to use Quick Search
  • Customizable Advanced Search
  • All emails & attachments stored and indexed
  • Fully managed in the Cloud
  • Tamper-proof data protection
  • Customizable retention policies

The Benefits of Email Archiving

  • Never lose a message - easy to retrieve old or deleted emails
  • Cleaner, smaller inbox, no quota worries
  • Accelerate legal discovery & HR inquiries
  • Enforce email preservation policies
  • Rapid response to eDiscovery requests
  • Monitor outbound email for potential theft

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