Private, Fast and Flexible

A private nationwide IP-based Wide Area Network (WAN) that uses Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) to transfer voice, video and data securely between customer locations.

  • Security and Disaster Recovery

    MPLS provides private and secure IP routing between your locations for your voice, data and video requirements.

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  • Connect to the Cloud with Confidence

    Connect to the Cloud on your private MPLS network isolated from Internet threats. Highly available and redundant connections to leading Cloud providers. Improve your customer experience with guaranteed application performance across your MPLS network.

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  • MPLS Direct Connect

    As a merchant, you need fast, secure and reliable connections to transaction processors. MPLS Direct Connect gives you the advantage of private connections to leading transaction processors to help you achieve PCI compliance and reduce costs.

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  • Data Center Connect - Connectivity to Your Virtual Data Centers

    The geographically diverse EarthLink data centers are all connected on the nationwide EarthLink MPLS network. With your EarthLink MPLS connection, we provide 10 Mbps free of secure access to EarthLink Data Centers for add on IT Services. Additional bandwidth is available when needed.

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"The ability to have a stable network...allows us to take our focus off of this and really provide the value-added services to our customers that they really need."

Peter Girgis CIO, Dunn-Edwards

Securely Connect Your Business Locations

Ideal for the distributed enterprise, our seamless Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network increases overall company productivity and improves business efficiencies. Customers use their secure networks to run applications for better visibility across their organizations and to adapt more quickly. Industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure performance for the largest blended data access footprint in the United States.

Cloud Express

Optimize Your Business and Cloud Network and connect to the Cloud with confidence. Your private MPLS network provides a secure, high performance connection to leading Cloud service providers. Simply add them to your network to connect all your locations to your Cloud applications.

Data Center Connect

Delivers a primary and "protect" path between the MPLS core and the EarthLink data center which provides a higher level of redundancy to access mission-critical applications. Burst up to two times the Data Center Connect port speed when your applications need more bandwidth to ensure optimized performance. Enables fast turn up of IT Services.

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Optimize Your Business and Cloud Network

Create your virtual private network by connecting multiple locations through EarthLink's private, highly reliable managed WAN.

Assure Application Performance Optimization

Application Performance Optimization guarantee users' experience by adjusting in real-time each application flow. You'll have the control to define exactly how much bandwidth a single application can use—right down to the location and the minute.

Cost Optimized Hybrid WAN

Select high bandwidth low cost Internet access options for primary and secondary connections to optimize network costs.

Right Size Your Network

Take the guesswork out of network capacity planning and design with Network Diagnostics. Keep costs down by paying only for the access and capacity you need.

Connect to Leading Cloud Providers

Amazon, Windows Azure, SoftLayer and CloudSigma available now with Google Cloud, and MS Office 365 coming soon. Other SaaS and IaaS providers to be added.

myLink Portal

Information management is perhaps the most important part of an effective network management system. The EarthLink Business Managed Services Suite performs like your own virtual IT staff, handling a variety of tasks such as monitoring router equipment, providing utilization statistics, detecting network outages, and automating trouble response and resolution.

The Managed Services Suite is available through myLink, the EarthLink Business online portal. The myLink portal features order status information, repair and trouble ticketing, reporting, and the ability to closely monitor your network performance, including:

  • Traffic management
  • Equipment monitoring
  • Extensive reporting
  • Circuit utilization
  • Discard and error packet graphing
  • Availability/Uptime
  • Watch the interactive myLink demo.

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MPLS & Cloud Express

Securely Connect Your Business

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