A New Way to Look at Cloud-based Desktop and Application Management

Businesses must deal with a wide range of IT challenges as they attempt to maintain uninterrupted business operations. Ensuring that desktops and applications run at peak performance and without interruption is critical to daily business operations. Businesses need to protect not only their systems but the associated data and intellectual property from disasters and theft.

Download the whitepaper to learn how many businesses have implemented a smarter, more efficient, and safer way to address these issues by adopting cloud-based solutions.

Read the case study to hear from the CTO at Student Transportation Inc., about how they implemented EarthLink Cloud Workspace for the compelling cost benefits and rapid scalability and why that decision continues to pay off. The company operates its IT department at a much lower cost than most its size, allocating less than one percent of its revenue to IT operations. Industry wide, the average is 3.5 percent. The CTO states: "Cloud is our friend. It allows us to allocate resources only where we need them and keep our staff small. Most companies our size would spend 40 times what we do on IT."