Cloud computing dramatically improves SMB agility and flexibility

For small and mid-market businesses, keeping IT nimble is more than a goal—it's a competitive mandate. The faster and more flexibly companies can adapt to market changes to implement new strategies, the better the business outcome they'll get.

Cloud hosting offers an outstanding opportunity for small and mid-market organizations to become more agile, more flexible, and more competitive. By outsourcing some or all of their IT services to a trusted cloud provider, organizations can focus more on their core mission—the value they create for customers—instead of the details of the technical infrastructure used to create that value.

View the previously recorded webinar, hosted by Mike Salviski, Senior Director of Enterprise Solutions at EarthLink. Mike explains how cloud computing is allowing businesses to make quick IT changes — and why that is more important than ever. Co-presenter Seth Bostock of independence IT shares his experience for implementing and using a cloud computing solution.

Also available for download is the accompanying whitepaper where you will learn how a leading cloud software and platform services company enjoyed a successful migration to cloud computing and were able to keep their IT people very focused on strategic profit-generating product advancements, while also reducing management complexity, business risks, and operational costs—which have fallen a remarkable 16%.