Learn how to create an agile, dynamic and scalable organization with end-to-end IP.

The evolution of computing, which ushered in the corporate IT model, has gone through several major transitions. As computing technology advanced from mainframe to client server to personal computers to mobile devices and almost-everywhere IP connectivity, corporate IT has adjusted and grown, but also holds on to its traditional model of operational environments.

With the shift to virtualized computing, corporate needs are changing as workers are untethered from traditional technology. Virtual computing allows others to make decisions once owned by corporate IT, without sacrificing the technical expertise and operational diligence of IT. This shift in IT has the power to change the way people work and to raise corporate productivity to unprecedented levels. However, for organizations to fully benefit from this trend, the underlying new virtualized IT services must deliver seamlessly between the typical service needs of the end users, including accessibility, security and performance associated to the network.

This whitepaper explains the importance and advantages of end-to-end IP architecture, and illustrates how the network is no longer just a tactical, low-value resource, but key to gaining competitive advantage in an increasingly fast-paced business climate.

As part of the EarthLink Business Industry Insights Educational Series, please also view the companion webinar presented by whitepaper author, Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst with ZK Research.