See how Unified Communications can help your organization grow.

Over time, organizations have deployed various tools to help people communicate better. These include telephony systems, conferencing, collaboration tools, email and other devices and tools. Although these devices address the need for faster communications, few are linked together. This creates a manageability headache for the worker, and prohibits the organization from reaching its full potential. Companies large and small have turned to unified communications (UC) to meet this challenge. UC is the convergence of all forms of audio, video, Web and desktop communications built on an IP network. It breaks down distance, time and media barriers. This enables people to communicate virtually anywhere, anytime, over any device.

Organizations have opened corporate borders and are moving toward a vision of a connected enterprise. Employees, partners, suppliers and customers are all important components of the connected enterprise for virtually anytime, virtually anywhere access to people and information, and need the ability to communicate faster and more collaboratively over a variety of devices or mediums.

Download this paper to see how unified communications brings all communications and collaborative tools together by improving the manageability and effectiveness of the ecosystem to enable competitive advantage. See how UC has the power to change the way work is done today, streamline business processes and raise corporate productivity to new levels - all at a dramatically lower cost than traditional communications methods.