Connecting with customers is critical but comes with increased risks.

Connecting with today's customers via new in-store technologies is critical but can increase privacy and security risks exponentially. Multi-channel customers are more loyal and spend more than single-channel shoppers, but security breaches can cost millions to your bottom line, your brand's reputation and your customers' confidence.

Retail behavior changing and security breaches increasing.
Recent research shows that 45% of consumers say the Internet is their top shopping venue.1 Meanwhile, 94% of organizations have encountered at least one cyber-security event in the last 12 months.2 And PCI standards, designed to help protect retailers, are becoming increasingly more complex.

Managed security, network and IT services for Retail.
EarthLink can securely connect and protect your store network while helping you engage with customers and differentiate your in-store experience. We have over 20 years of experience protecting customers.

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Learn about the Anatomy of a Data Breach

Identify and remediate security weaknesses to protect your networks and immediately respond to any threats.

View the Anatomy of a Data Breach Infographic or download the PDF to learn more.

  • 134 days, the mean time it takes to detect you have a breach

Webinar: The Impact of Store Networks
and WiFi on Customer Experience

Featuring Greg Buzek, IHL Group President, this webinar is available for on-demand viewing at your convenience.

In this webinar, Greg shares specific data points on the optimization of WiFi and customer loyalty. Examples include:

  • 28% of survey respondents said there was an improvement in customer loyalty
  • 48% indicate an impact on customer loyalty as a result of their employees having access to WiFi

Notably, Greg also shared that returns on investment cannot be achieved without the support system needed to take advantage of the technology. To be successful, retailers must first invest in the Network.

To learn more about the impact of loyalty on sales, we invite you to view the webinar.


Identify and Manage Threats

EarthLink's Managed Security services can identify and remediate vulnerabilities to your data network before they become a threat, and monitor the ongoing security of your network.

Stay PCI Compliant

Our PCI Compliance Solutions can validate your level of compliance, provide financial breach protection and help you meet PCI compliance requirements.

Connect with Your Customers

Secure WiFi differentiates your in-store experience by connecting store, employee and customer devices with a secure, PCI compliant solution.

Safeguard Your Network

EarthLink's network security services provide secure connections to your entire retail ecosystem including store locations and credit card processors.

Retail Solutions Products

  • EarthLink's 24x7 Security Operation Center constantly monitors your IT and network services to alert you of suspicious security events according to your customized escalation procedures, so you can spend less time reacting to security issues and more time focusing on strategic IT activities.

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  • EarthLink's certified security experts will use the latest tools and proprietary techniques to identify vulnerabilities that could let hackers in and put your business at risk.

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  • PCI Compliance Solutions provide financial breach protection and helps retailers cost effectively achieve continuous PCI compliance to protect their brand reputation.

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  • Secure Remote Access allows your mobile or remote users to securely connect to your WAN/LAN resources via a virtual private network over the public Internet.

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  • Endpoint Management keeps your end-user PC or Mac devices up to date and secure.

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  • Mobile Device Management provides remote management and security services for end-user mobile devices.

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  • Hardware-based firewalls either on-premise or in a carrier-class multitenant platform, managed by EarthLink's security experts to help you reduce risk while lowering your total cost.

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  • Secure public and private WiFi service that enables your employees to be more productive, customers to be more engaged and provides you with valuable business intelligence and customer analytics to drive new sales.

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  • MPLS Direct Connect enables you to securely connect to leading transaction processors, so you don't have to worry about your valuable and vulnerable POS traffic.

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1. Deloitte's 2014 Annual Holiday Survey, Deloitte University Press 2014
2. IT Risks Survey, Kaspersky Labs/B2B International, 2014