Rethink Your Phone System and Re-imagine Your Business

In the world of business, a phone system is more than a tool for facilitating conversations; it's a conduit to customer orders, more efficient employees, better customer relationships, and even cost savings.

  • Unified Communication

    Gain enterprise unified communications features without the complexity and capital expense of a new phone system. Receive voicemail as email, forward calls to multiple phones and more.


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  • Disaster Protection

    Protect against hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and other disasters with flexible routing options so you never lose communications with customers, suppliers and employees.

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  • Take Your Office Anywhere

    Your working life moves constantly from desk to laptop to mobile smart phone to tablet. Now you can use all the features of your Hosted Voice service from almost any device whether at your desk, at home, or on the move.


  • You Are in Control of Your Voice Services

    Use a simple web-based management tool that provides both system management control and user customization.



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Increase productivity and revenues with Hosted Voice

EarthLink Hosted Voice is a state-of-the-art, full featured phone system solution that delivers significant advantages including increased revenues and productivity, geographic flexibility, real time disaster recovery and reduced technology risk. Hosted Voice is an affordable managed network solution that eliminates the cost of purchasing and maintaining an on-premises phone system.

EarthLink Hosted Voice is a fully scalable solution that can grow as your business evolves. It allows you the flexibility to add features and services as they become available, enabling you to add business value.

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Provides More Control & Business Value

You have control to manage your calls via an online portal and gain visibility to call logs to provide better insight for new revenue opportunities.

Find Me / Follow Me

Route calls from your number to multiple numbers—never miss a call again from your customers, suppliers or your manager.

User Communications Portal

Anytime, anywhere, end users can manage their calls and listen to voicemail through an on-line web portal called the CommPortal. You can make calls and see list of callers, call duration, and call routing options.

Take Your Office Anywhere

Make or receive calls from your desk phone, your PC or Mac and your mobile devices. Look up your contacts, make and receive voice calls with colleagues, no matter which device you are using or where you are.

New Revenues From Call Logs

Visual logs of missed, received and placed calls for easy reference or single button dial back. Call log data can help you understand potential new revenue opportunities.

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