Simplify Voice Networks

Leverage Voice over IP (VoIP) technologies by using an IP connection to pass voice and data traffic. No need to incur additional costs, you can use your existing PBXs such as, but not limited to Cisco, Avaya, NEC or Mitel equipment.

  • Reduce Costs

    All traffic from multiple locations connect into a central site with a SIP trunk - eliminating need for dedicated voice connections at each location, providing significant costs savings.


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  • Connect with Customers

    Great news! 52% of customers want to contact you via 3 or 4 channels, including email, chat, web, phone or social media. Make that connection happen with EarthLink Hosted Contact Center: quickly route higher priority customers to the right support persons; engage your customers more intelligently with CRM integration; and by deploying IVR functionality, let your customers self-route in order to get answers faster.

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  • Scalability

    As your business grows, we grow with you. You can upgrade your bandwidth up to 100 MB.

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  • Business Continuity

    Guarantee business continuity with a full suite of routing and failover options.


Take advantage of the latest VOIP technologies and benefits.

SIP Trunking is the ideal way to use your existing IP PBX equipment to take advantage of the latest Voice over IP technologies and benefits. It's easy to simplify your network by using data lines to pass voice and data traffic while still using your existing equipment such as Cisco, Avaya, NEC or Mitel equipment. All traffic from multiple locations tap into a central site with a SIP trunk - so there is no longer a need for dedicated voice connections at each business location, giving significant costs savings. Plus, calls between locations are free with Converged Minutes on a new nationwide voice product. Because SIP Trunking can automatically connect to a secondary connection, it is not only a fail over option for business continuity but also provides steadfast disaster recovery support.

Allow our team to show you how you can keep your existing equipment but still drastically improve your network performance and gain all the features you've been looking for.

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Flexible & Reliable Connectivity

Configure SIP trunks to provide the connectivity your business needs.

Auto Reroute

Automatically routes calls to any 10 digit number in the event that the primary business location is unable to accept calls.

Load Balancing

Provides the ability for a single trunk group to be shared by multiple PBX's providing enhanced flexibility.

SIP Failover

SIP Trunking physical layer failover automatically reroutes to a secondary connection if the primary is unresponsive providing you with an instantaneous recovery solution.

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SIP Trunking

EarthLink nationwide integrated access service provides you with reliable SIP Trunking and PRI service for PBX's and IP PBX's.


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